Light Fall

Light Fall

  • Release: Anfang 2018
  • Genre: 2D Plattformer
  • Entwickler: Bishop Games
  • Publisher: Indie,ÜberStrategist


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Über Light Fall

In Light Fall, players enter a strange universe where darkness prevails over light, to embark on a quest to uncover a mysterious past and save the inhabitants of this forgotten world. With Stryx the Night Owl as your companion and narrator, players can leverage the powerful Shadow Core, which can be summoned at anytime, as a platform to jump on or wall hop off of, adding a unique twist to the traditional platformer game. As players wander through the calm night of the Lunar Plain, venture into the Marshlands of Sorrow and face the exotic wildlife of the Vipera’s Forest, they will also encounter many outlandish characters, be it friends or foe. Do you have what it takes to survive in perilous Numbra?

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