Release-Datum, Launch Trailer und Trophies für SUPERHOT & SUPERHOT VR

Artikel von 18.07.2017 um 00:23 Uhr

Für andere Systeme ist der einzigartige Shooter SUPERHOT schon eine ganze weile erhältlich, doch bald kommen auch PlayStation 4 Spieler in den Genuss des Titels.

So erscheint die normale und die VR Fassung bereits am 19. Juli, also schon morgen. Im Store kann man die beiden schon vorbestellen und wer dies tut, kriegt nicht nur einen Rabatt, sondern ein besonderes Theme.

Da der Release kurz bevor steht, sind natürlich auch die Trophies schon bekannt und der Titel bietet neben 25 Trophies auch eine Platin.

11 9

Trophy Hunter
Obtain all the Trophies
Launch every app in the system.
Can’t get enough
Kill over 1987 Red Dudes in endless mode.
Find every hidden terminal.
Conserve Ammo
Kill 3 Red Dudes with one shotgun shot.
Deep Web
Become part of the community.
Kill 100 Red Dudes using melee.
Full Package
Unlock all endless levels.
Get REDy
Get RED ending in every level of SPEEDRUNrt challenge.
Beat all Challenges.
It’s a me, Mario!
Kill an enemy by jumping on him.
Kill 100 Red Dudes with a pistol.
Kill 100 Red Dudes with a shotgun.
No they didn’t
Shoot down a bullet with a bullet.
One of us
Complete the game.
Pointless but cool
Score 100 headshots.
Kill 3 Red Dudes with one rifle burst.
Kill 100 Red Dudes with a rifle.
Kill 2 Red Dudes with one katana throw.
So it is possible!
Cut bullet with a katana.
Pumpkin Spiced SUPERHOT
Launch Pumpkin Spiced Challenge between 24.10 & 7.11
Stand REDy
Get RED ending in every level of SPEEDRUN challenge.
We Can See You
Complete SERV level.
We Told You To Leave
Get back to the system after being expelled.
With Katana
Kill 100 Red Dudes with a katana.
Access Denied
Complete SUBWAY level.
Spread the system
Capture the replay.


Trophy Hunter
Obtain all the Trophies
You are now free
Finish the story
You are prepared
Complete your training
Mind blown!
Get the Mindwave power
Chosen one
Dodge 4 bullets at the same time
Slice & dice
Cut few bullets using a knife
Bullet hell
Kill 100 Red Dudes with Uzi
Trigger happy
Kill 100 Red Dudes with a pistol
Bloody mess
Kill 100 Red Dudes with a sawed off
Close & personal
Kill 100 Red Dudes with a personal weapon
What’s wrong with you?!
Complete the game in one sitting
Throw every available object on any level (exept tutorials)
Too cool to look
Kill an enemy while not looking at him
Nice Combo
Kill 3+ enemies with one burst while dual wielding uzis
It’s high noon
Empty a handgun clip and kill enemies with every bullet
Fitness club
Burn atleast 1000 calories while playing
Punch a single guy at least 5 times in a row
No sweat
Complete 10 min challenge
Who needs guns?
Complete NoGuns challenge
Complete Sniper challenge
Complete Speedrun RealTime challenge
Take your time
Complete Speedrun GameTime challenge
Treasure Hunter
Find all secrets
Complete NoDeath challenge
Beat all Challenges!
Complete Hardcore challenge