Gameplay aus der Final Fantasy XV Demo + einige neue Infos

Artikel von 20.02.2015 um 14:16 Uhr

Während es gestreamten Live Events, hat Square Enix einen genaueren Einblick in die kommende Final Fantasy XV gegeben und einiges an neuem Material gezeigt. Bekanntermaßen wird die Demo dem am 20. März erscheinenden Final Fantasy Type-0 HD beiliegen.

Zu sehen ist sowohl PS4, als auch X1 Gameplay aus dem Spiel. Viele Bereiche werden abgedeckt, Kämpfe, Menüs, Tag/Nacht Wechsel und mehr. Es wurde auch erwähnt, dass die Demo ~3h lang sein soll, je nach Spielweise. Aktuell ist wohl der Release der Vollversion für Mitte-Ende 2016 angepeilt. Das Video ist ziemlich lang und nicht immer ist Gameplay zu sehen, aber man kann ja hier und da etwas überspringen.

Hier noch die Übersetzung einiger Details und ein kleines Q&A.

– When Noct changes speed, his party members will too, naturally. It’s all in the animation.
– A red gauge appears when enemies are close. Encounter gauge. Then battle starts and it disappears (There’s also an audio cue that kicks in when the gauge appears).
– Lock-on is in of course. There’s also an auto lock. When the red encounter gauge fills, battle starts. You can run before it does.
– The current monster won’t attack on its own. If you attack it though, it’ll become hostile.
– Triangle button is assigned to abilities, but it uses MP. Abilities tied to weapons.
– Defending uses MP, abilities use mp, so keeping track of your mp use is extremely important in XV.
– When the blue particles appear and you dodge, that means you’re using up MP. MP can completely vanish if you’re stuck in a sticky situation.
– His two party members just helped each other while they were trying to move Noctis into a specific position. Killing this monster gets you Meat for cooking at camp.
– Even within the same monster species, they come in different physical sizes, and even sometimes have different move sets.
– Sometimes the enemy flashes. When it flashes, the following attack is gonna be real fucking strong. It’s also a chance to counter.
– After parrying, partner attacks can kick in automatically.
– As your party grows closer, new partner moves are unlocked while they talk at camp etc.
– They basically found a super strong version of the monsters they were just fighting. The queen. HP/MP recover automatically, but it’s slow.
– Apparently you can’t dodge this enemies attacks, so he’s gonna put everything into power/damage dealing.
– You can change weapons mid-battle by jumping right into the menu. For example you want a different skill, so you swap out.
– Behemoth Smoke Eye is one of the big bosses in the demo. Finding hints of where he went, and looking for him. AKA: big foot steps.
– You can set your destination marker , making it easier to navigate there.
– The blue shiny things on the environment are items you can pick up, some of which can be traded for cash. Though he’s a prince.
– The goal of the demo is to get enough money to get their car back. They gotta fix the car.
– Beating Smoke Eye gets you a fair chunk of cash cause he’s kind of a badass. They won’t show any more of the main quest line.
– Your party members will point stuff out, say they wanna go places etc. They serve to point out that optional stuff organically.
– Night time! It’s super fucking dangerous. Goblins! They’re typically only in dark areas/dungeons, but they come out at night.
– Night time enemies have a lot of status inducing attacks.
– When your HP hits zero, you don’t immediately die. You go into a certain status, and when that finishes, you die for reals.
– The longer they spend fighting, the more chances there are that other enemies will join, like the current squad of soldiers.
– For the record, these soldiers are actually machines, so they have really inhuman movement and some weird attacks.
– The more damage you deal to the machine soldiers, the more their bodies fall apart. Heads fall off, arms, etc.
– Also if you didn’t notice, the battle music is completely different at night.
– Asses got kicked, so they ran the fuck away. The blue light designates a camp site. Mysterious powers, so no enemies can come.
– Can pick what meal to make for dinner at camp.
– Under the meal name is the list of stats the meal will have an effect on.
– First the buff comes in, and then you level up.
– FF fanfare as the stat boosts kick in and dawn arrives.
– Camps also function as fast travel. You can quickly return to the last camp you rested at.
– You can avoid camps to do certain challenge playthroughs, like not leveling up for example. Game is designed to allow for that.
– Oh hey, the floating swords move with the warping. Uses MP nonstop. Nostalgic to see it in action for reals. (For example you can you shift to high locations to restore MP provided you’re fighting an enemy without long range weapons/attacks.)
– Smoke Eye is named as such cause he’s blind in one eye. That’s the key to defeating him.


Q: What constitutes a gameover?
A: Noct has to die. But as stated, HP reaching 0 is not dead times. You’re in a critical state. When that state’s gauge falls to zero, you die. In that time though, you can heal and come back to battle.

Q; What’s the framerate/res.?
A: Aiming for tops, not making any promises yet, but aiming for the bestest they can do.

Q: Talk a bit more about the size of the map in the demo.
A: You know, I really don’t know. Our map creator said 10 times bigger but that’s prob playing it safe. The whole map is prob somewhere between 10-20 times bigger than the demo. They want people to play the demo and get a handle for scale, size, to get a better idea of the proper game.

Q: Weather system?
A: They wanted to put the weather system in to the demo, but they couldn’t. The different types of rain weren’t finished in time. For example, the rain has physical effects on characters, monsters, environment, and they didn’t finish that all in time for the demo.

Q: How many weapons can you get in the demo? Full game?
A: Well, there are the phantom swords, and the normal weapons. They’re different. In the demo, the amount of phantom swords you have will be reflected in the actual ability. You’ll see that amount float around you. (Basically they wanna see what sort of effect that has on gameplay and adjust from there.)

Q: Dual/Coop attacks?
A: Dual/coop attacks. There are not a ton in the demo, because they’re moves you learn as the characters grow. They’re also really strong. So they didn’t want put a bunch in early on and make it super unbalanced.

Q: How much stuff is there to do?
A: Finding phantom swords. After you beat the main stuff, there is an ending. When that finishes, there’s stuff unlocked in the demo for you go back and do. Finishing the main story is not the end of the content.

Q: Any kind of data carrying over to the main game?
A: Nope. You can however save in the demo. Is there anything that you might be able to do with that save in the final game? Prroooobbbably. It’s not data carrying over, more like a bonus for seeing you played the demo.

Q: What about Adamantoise?
A: We said you could fight him. But there was some miscommunication. We meant you could fight him in the full Game, not the demo. Demo is in a completely diff location. But because we announced both at the same time, it got lost in the shuffle.

Q: Airships. Are you guys working hard at making that happen?“
A:We’ve been working on the demo, so no. But once that’s out, well…

Q: Can you please give us some info on the characters and story? Jeezzzzz.
A: Right now we want you peeps to enjoy the demo. Then when all that has died down, we’ll start going into those details. Patience pls. There is some story at the end of the demo though.

Q: What percent is the game done?
A: Hm, A lot of progress has been made on the systems etc. About 60% done, give or take. As things start to come together, it could jump to 80% in one go, etc. But right now, we’re quite a ways way in to development.